School Email Accounts

All MSMS students now have email accounts through the Google Apps for Education portal.

This means that they have a SAFE, SECURE, school-managed "portal" for online work and communication.

An education portal is a specially designed website that provides a host of educational services. The term portal was historically used to describe a port or location of multiple loading and offloading activities. It is now used most widely to describe a multi-function website that includes public and private sections, data retrieval and submissions tools, personalized content, and often links or connections to education related systems or services.

Students can access their school accounts just as though they were signing into a regular Google account:
Students sign in with the first 3 letters of their first names and the first 3 letters of their last names (3+3):
  • example of 3+3 for Jane Smith =
  • example of 3+3 for Terrell Jones =
Students MUST remember to add the suffix "" to enter the MSMS portal
The user passwords are assigned in September of each year, and must be changed to a more-secure 8+ character password. 
  • passwords are 'msms' plus the student's ID number 
  • Example: Jane's ID = 111111 so her password would be msms111111
  • Example: Terrell's ID = 1288888 so his password would be msms1288888
  • See Ms. Raabe for to re-set a student password during Break, during Lunch, or after school.