Mount Slesse Middle School's Google Apps for Education Site (official school site is

All STUDENT accounts will be re-enabled in September. They are closed for the summer.
IF you need access for an academic reason, email Ms. Raabe through SD33 email (see email address on

Students sign in with the first 3 letters of their first names and the first 3 letters of their last names (3+3):
  • example of 3+3 for Jane Smith =
  • example of 3+3 for Terrell Jones =
Students MUST remember to add the suffix "" to enter the MSMS portal.
The user passwords are assigned in September of each year, and must be changed to a more-secure 8+ character password. 
  • passwords are 'msms' plus the student's ID number 
  • Example: Jane's ID = 111111 so her password would be msms111111
  • Example: Terrell's ID = 1288888 so his password would be msms1288888
  • See Ms. Raabe in Room S130 to re-set a student password during Break, during Lunch, or after school.
GAFE Basics (click for helpful videos):
  • gmail: GAFE gmail includes a directory to EVERYONE at MSMS! 
  • drive: create a shared folder for every class and every unit to automatically hand in your work!
    • docs: no lost papers! Hand in your work online!
    • slides: great for regular slideshows but also awesome for collages!